Inner Glow Baby Free Tutorial Video Part One
Pat Secrist teaches how to apply facial capillary detail, lip shading, and eyelid glaze in this newest free online tutorial video.  He uses the new Inner Glow Babies to get started and finish a reborn in under an hour.  Follow his techniques and add your own personal touches to create your one-of-a-kind babies in less time while having more fun!  These methods work specifically for the 
Inner Glow Baby doll kits.

This is Part One of a two part series.  When you're finished with Part One click the link below the screen to go to Part Two.

Reborn Faster, Reborn Better...
You can save hours of work and create more life like reborns with new Inner Glow Babies. Secrist Doll Company now provides you with a pre-painted foundation so you can focus on the details that truly make your reborn baby unique. The pre-painted features created for you:

  • delicate internal wash
  • airbrushed blush foundation 
  • shading and eye tint 
  • moist glazed lips

A better foundation means a better reborn...
You can reborn with confidence knowing we’ve taken care of the basics. Our pre-painted Inner Glow Baby reborn foundation makes creating a life like baby easier and more fun for you. It’s smart-reborning when you can focus on what makes your reborn style truly unique: the details such as baby bubbles, blush texture, skin details, eyebrows and so much more!