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3D Eyebrow Mini Tutorial
Supplies needed: Step 1
Paint on the eyebrows as you normally would (or follow our Eyebrow Mini Tutorial). Bake the eyebrows at 265 degrees Fahrenheit (1300 C) before proceeding to Step 2.  Let the paint cool before proceeding.

Step 2
Using a small round brush apply the 3D Thick Medium in delicate but thick strokes right over top of the eyebrows you just baked. Paint one stroke of 3D Thick Medium for each stroke of color in the eyebrows.

Step 3

Bake the 3D Thick Medium at 265 degrees Fahrenheit (1300 C) to set it. Add as many layers of 3D Thick Medium until you get the 3D effect you desire.

Tip: Bake
the 3D Thick Medium at 265 degrees Fahrenheit (1300 C) between each layer that you apply, just like with regular Genesis paints. Let the head completely cool before applying any paint.
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