Thank you for your interest in becoming a Distributor for Secrist Doll Company.  The requirements, policies, and steps to create a wholesale account are listed below.  Please read through all the requirements and policies before setting up a wholesale account.  We look forward to working with you!
"Secrist makes all the necessary effort to ensure perfect customer service and I wish for Pat and Johanna to know how wonderful their employees are. I get to order several supplies from the US for my dollmaking and reborn workshops but so far you are the only company I can tell I am honestly and truly satisfied with. I receive all parcels quickly and I know I can depend on both Secrist and AVDW. Thank you for offering competitive, high quality products and absolutely terrific customer service!" -- Deborah, United Kingdom

We are pleased you would like to join our company as a distributor.  Let us know if you have any additional questions that are not answered here.

Distributor Qualifications
To qualify as a distributor you must have a legal retail business; either an online e-commerce website or a physical store location. If you do not meet the qualifications you may still apply for a distributorship by contacting support@secristdolls.com

Wholesale Distributor Prices & Bulk Discount

  • The wholesale discount is 25% to 50% off our suggested retail prices. Products that are manufactured by Secrist have the largest discount. You can get an extra 10% off Secrist manufactured products with every order you place that is $100 or more: simply enter the code BULK in the discount code box during checkout.
  • Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes are available at an even bigger discount for purchases of 100 pairs or more.
  • If you would like to purchase heat-set paints in amounts of 100 jars or more (either petite or one ounce jars) per color please contact us for special pricing.
  • Some products Secrist does not manufacture and often times those are difficult to locate products (many distributors cannot find such products) and we are happy to offer them for 25% - 35% off retail prices.
  • Suggested retail pricing can be found in the Secrist Guidebook and online at www.SecristDolls.com.  Wholesale prices are available on the Distributor website which you can view after reading through the requirements and policies.

First Purchase Requirement

  • An initial minimum purchase requirement needs to be met with your very first order when you create your wholesale account. The purchase requirement is $100 of product from the wholesale website.
  • The $100 product purchase can be any combination of any products on the wholesale website. If you have previously placed orders on the retail website (www.secristdolls.com) refunds of the difference in the retail purchase price and the wholesale purchase price are not available.

Drop Ship Orders Directly to Your Customers - Carry NO Inventory
The Drop-Ship Program saves you the hassle and expense of stocking inventory. We package and ship your order to your customer for you! We do not keep any of your customer's contact information. A packing slip is included with their order with no prices listed.  Secrist Doll Company uses only the highest quality shipping materials and we take great care in packaging all orders to ship securely to your customer. The time and money you save make this a great option for most distributors who are not able to inventory all the Secrist products but still would like to offer all the products for sale. 

  • There is an $0.85 fee per drop-ship order; this covers the high quality shipping box, packaging materials, packing slip, and the handling. 
  • Always add the "Drop Ship" product listing as the very first item on your online order if it is a drop-shipment.  The direct link to the Drop-Ship listing is: http://www.secristwholesale.com/inc/sdetail/73677 
  • The Drop-Ship Program is an option for Secrist distributors whose customers reside in the United States only.  We cannot send drop-ship orders outside the United States.
  • The full name and address of your customer needs to be put in the "Ship To" category during checkout for the order to be sent directly. If no "Ship To" address is provided the order will be sent directly to you but packaged as a "drop shipment" so that you can forward it on to your customer with no re-packaging required. This is the best method for shipments to overseas customers.
  • Drop shipments do not include an invoice of what your wholesale prices are, only a packing slip to show all included items they ordered from you.
  • Please note: tracking numbers are not available on drop-ship orders until seven days after the order has been placed (usually the order has arrived to your customer by that time).
  • All drop-ship orders must be paid in full by the distributor via credit card before delivery.  When placing orders on the wholesale website your information is saved to make the checkout process as fast as possible.
  • Standard ship time is 3- 5 business days from the day the order was placed. Our offices are open Monday through Thursday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm EST. If you place your order Thursday it will most likely ship the next Monday or Tuesday. There is no guarantee what day your package will ship, but we always do our best to fulfill all orders in a timely manner.

Order Submission

  • Your order is automatically invoiced when you submit it online and an email invoice will be sent to the email address listed on the invoice.
  • We apologize, but no changes can be made once the order has been submitted. However, if you place a second order the same day it can be shipped with the previous order. All additions will be placed as a new order and shipping/handling fees will apply.
  • Orders can be submitted via phone, email, or fax, however, orders that we must manually enter into our system are not eligible for the BULK 10% discount. Therefore we strongly suggest all orders are placed online at www.SecristWholesale.com.  If you plan to submit your order via email or fax you can still add all the products to your online shopping cart: simply copy and paste the list into an email or print it out for a fax.
  • If you place your order by phone please have your order written down prior to calling and have your credit card information on hand, this will expedite the ordering process and ensure accuracy.
  • Most orders ship within 3 to 5 business days from the day the order is placed online. We do our very best to process, package, and ship your order as soon as possible and frequently we can mail orders out the next day.  International orders take longer to prepare, so please allow additional time if your order is being sent outside the United States.
    Payment Options
    • We accept Cashier's Check or Money Order, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Wire transfer ($40 bank processing charge)
    • We accept PayPal
    • All Secrist distributor orders must be prepaid, no exceptions. Secrist does not offer NET30 or COD payments.
    • No Secrist distributor may purchase product under another Secrist distributor's name or pay for another Secrist distributor's product.
    • If your purchase is made with a debit card and the funds are deemed insufficient for us to charge the order, Secrist is not responsible for any fees you incur.
    • If paying by check or money order please submit your order online and select the check or money order option. Include a printed copy of your invoice with your mailed check/money order. If you do not include a copy of your invoice it may result in a delay in your order being processed and shipped.
    • Please note: if you select the Check/Money Order option during checkout on the wholesale website but actually want your card charged (as in, you want us to charge it a day later for example) there is an additional $3 charge for this manual credit card charge service.  Please do not select any payment method during checkout that you do not intend to actually use.  This slows down the processing of your order significantly.

    Domestic and International Shipping

    • Most orders ship within 3 to 5 business days from the day the order is placed. We do our very best to process, package, and ship your order as soon as possible and frequently mail orders can ship out the next day. However, we are not able to guarantee next day delivery unless the Rush Order option is added to your order.  We cannot rush orders over $1,000.
    • Our office and factory are open Monday through Thursday and we do not ship Friday through Sunday or on major holidays. Please take this into account if your customer is asking when a product will arrive to you (or directly to them via drop-ship).
    • If you have a show/fair or will be placing an order over several thousand dollars please allow 10 business days to better ensure we can supply all the products you need. 
    • Occasionally products are Back Ordered and you will either be refunded the cost of the Back Ordered product or it will be shipped to you as soon as the product is available.  Back Ordered products are automatically refunded on all orders shipping outside the United States.
    • All orders are shipped by UPS ground service unless otherwise requested by you (however, we do make exceptions and ship small orders via USPS to save both you and your customers money on shipping). The minimum charge for UPS shipping is $7.95.
    • A physical street address is required for UPS shipments. If only a PO Box number is provided the shipment will be sent via USPS without a tracking number. Orders sent via USPS are done so at the risk of the buyer.
    • Secrist recommends orders being sent outside the United States use UPS. For all international orders there is a $10.00 per box additional charge (above and beyond the shipping fees) for orders sent by U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Secrist strongly recommends you use UPS for faster and timelier delivery of your order and easier tracking of your shipment. Secrist Doll Company is not responsible for your order being held up in customs and will not send a second order to replace an order that has been lost or held up in customs. Orders sent via USPS are done so at the risk of the buyer.
    • All international orders are prepared prior to shipping being calculated. Shipping is charged at ship time on any order shipped outside the United States and a shipping quote cannot be given unless an order is submitted. International orders require special packaging processes that take up a significant amount of time and therefore international orders cancelled after they have already been packaged are subject to a 10-15% restocking fee (we do allow for one cancellation with no penalties). We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of this but sadly because of abuse of past orders we must enforce a restocking fee.
    • We strongly encourage all of our customers to use UPS to avoid the hassle and problems that can come from shipping with other delivery methods.  However, we will ship by the means you request: UPS or USPS. 
    • Secrist does not ship via Fed Ex. 
    • International distributors may arrange for other delivery methods, please allow additional packaging and prep time if another carrier is used.

Product Guarantee

  • We offer a 15-day return privilege. You have 15 business days, from the date your order arrived, in which to return a product to us no questions asked. After this 15 day period all sales are final.
  • Specials and close-outs are non-refundable.

Return Policy

  • All returned products (within the 15 day product guarantee or otherwise) must be in new and re-sellable condition and returned in their original unopened wrapping and packaging. Merchandise not received in this way will be returned to the dealer at their cost.
  • It is extremely important to call for an authorization number before returning product. Merchandise will not be accepted without a return authorization number.
  • Call tags are not issued for returning product and shipping costs are not refunded or credited towards future orders.
  • Please always remember to call before returning any products, 989-835-9388, Mon-Thur 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Receiving Defective or Wrong Product

  • Secrist has quality control processes in place to ensure that orders ship out with the correct products.  But, we are human and every once in a while an error might occur.  If you receive the wrong product, please notify customer service within 48 business hours of receipt of the shipment. We will investigate and ship the correct product.
  • If you order the wrong product we will send out the correct product as soon as possible and you will be charged the appropriate cost for the correct product and shipping.  Your account will be credited for the wrong product when it is received back at our office.
  • If we caused the error, we will not charge for shipping the correct product. If it is determined that the error was on the part of the Distributor, we will charge the Distributor shipping on the replacement product.

Missing Shipment

  • Secrist Doll Company recommends only shipping via UPS, especially outside of the United States, to avoid all the problems that can arise when working with other postal services.
  • If you suspect that your order has been lost in shipment notify us immediately. Customer Service will contact the shipping company to investigate. If the package is lost, the shipping company may issue a reimbursement to Secrist, which will be forwarded to you. That refund will be either credited to your account or sent to you by check. The amount of the refund from the shipping company will be based on the amount of insurance that you placed on the order. Secrist strongly encourages distributors to fully insure all their orders.
  • Secrist is not responsible for shipments lost by the shipping company nor any financial loss that may result from it. Financial reimbursement for lost shipments will come from the shipping company and not Secrist.
  • If your shipment has been lost a duplicate of the missing shipment can be sent.  You will be charged the full amount for the replacement order and any associated shipping fees. Please note that orders lost by the U.S. Postal Service or other national postal services require that you wait 90 days before they will investigate or consider reimbursing you for any order that they may have lost.
  • Secrist is not responsible for any loss due to the postal services. Any problems with the postal services must be resolved by the customer. We strongly encourage all of our customers to use UPS to avoid the hassle and problems that can come from shipping with other delivery methods. However, we will ship by the means you request: UPS or USPS.

Customer Service

  • While our policies are not flowery (to make them quicker and easier to read for you) we strive to make you happy and very satisfied with our products and services.  Our customer service is friendly and efficient and will always take care of you as quickly as possible.  
  • If you have any questions regarding your distributorship or our products please contact us at anytime at support@secristdolls.com or call 989-835-9388.
  • Customer Service is available Monday through Thursday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm EST.
  • We hope to be your partner in business for years to come!

Set Up Your Wholesale Account

  • Setting up an account following the link below means you have read through all the requirements listed on this page and that you understand and agree to our terms.
  • To create an account on our wholesale website click this link: http://www.secristwholesale.com/inc/account/main/?newacct=true.
  • Once you have created an account you may place your first order.
  • It is very important to use the code SEC01 during checkout in the Dealer Code box. After your first order you will be assigned a unique dealer number, please do not use SEC01 for any order other than your very first order.
  • Please write down the password you choose for your wholesale account, you will need this password to place future orders.
  • Receive a FREE 2011 Guidebook with your first wholesale order when you enter the phrase "First Order, Send Free Guidebook" during checkout.
  • If you are unsure of what to order first we recommend starting with the Secrist Guidebook, the training DVDs, the Special Technique Tutorials, and the Photo Technique Guides. 

Thank you for becoming a Secrist Distributor!  Make sure to take advantage of the marketing tips and suggested sales-increasing books we post on the wholesale website.  We want you to be successful with Secrist products, please let us know how we can help you.