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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

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How To Do The Internal Wash Dry Method

I’m always experimenting and looking for new ways to add greater realism to your reborning efforts.  Recently I decided to try to increase the definition of the baby’s facial details and effectiveness of the sub dermal color that we call internal wash.


For years now Reborn artists have used the wet method for the  internal wash.  This method involved adding a premixed periwinkle-blue to a bottle of odorless thinner and then squirting a few drops inside the vinyl parts.  This provided an excellent way to evenly coat the inside of your vinyl parts creating just the right internal wash color.  It was a bit messy but easy to do and very effective.



In order to increase the effectiveness of the internal wash and enhance the baby’s facial detailing I came up with a method that didn’t require any thinner, known as the dry method. This method allows more control over where the internal wash is being dispersed inside the head, making it easier to create lighter and darker areas for shadowing.

To use the dry method simply mix one jar of Gentle Touch Dioxazine 04 with one jar of Gentle Touch Pthalo Blue 03.  There’s no measuring and no guess work. It’s so simple! Just mix the two jars together and instantly you have periwinkle blue internal wash.

These two Gentle Touch colors have been perfectly matched for this mixing purpose so you will get the same wonderful color each time that you mix them. This method is also transparent enough to be gentle and not overpower the baby’s features.


Then, use your Fan Brush to coat the inside of the baby’s head.  You can paint a thin or thick layer, depending on how rich you want the sub dermal color to be.  If after you’ve applied the paint and wish to make some lighter areas, you can remove the paint before you bake it. The paint won’t run or spread where you don’t want it to and it won’t cause bruising since it is a highly transparent paint.

For additional realism, you can use a small mop brush inside the head and dab a little extra paint to enhance the creases around the nose, eyes and ears. Many people glue dark felt inside the head behind the mouth to make the back of the mouth dark.  With the dry method you can do the same thing by just dabbing a little extra paint inside the head on the back of the mouth.  It’s much easier and looks more real. 

You can see in this photo how the baby’s features just snap right out and look so real.  The inside of the nostrils, ear canals and the mouth are wonderfully dark.  The dry method lets you concentrate the internal wash right behind the mouth and the nostrils for a nice shadow effect. Reborning just got easier!



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